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How Frictionless POS Works

This is a summary of how the new word "frictionless" effects retail stores, and in-person customers.

First, the definition. Frictionless means a customer's journey with the least amount of friction as possible, in our own words and in the perspective of retail sales.

Friction could mean any steps in the customer's journey that delays the completion of the sales cycle. Whether friction is due to external causes, such as a rainy day that decreases the chances of in-person visits, or internal causes such as a confusion price point, we like to refer to friction as "touches". That means the number of touches the product must have before the final sale. A touch could be when a customer picks a product off the shelves.

So how do we reduce friction and make a frictionless experience? The best way is to first identify the problem. Currently, no matter what circumstances, all products at a retail store must have 4 touches before the sale cycle is complete:

  1. Customer picks up the product

  2. Place product into the checkout process (cashier or self-checkout)

  3. Product is scanned (by cashier or by customer)

  4. Picked up again by the customer out of the store

At Groc, we want to help reduce the number of touches required for a customer to complete their sale cycle in 2 touches:

  1. Customer scans the barcode of the product

  2. Customer picks up the product

Groc app helps reduce the touch points by half with our app. in order to serve a frictionless experience for our customers.

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