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Scan and Go: benefits and costs / pros and cons

Scan and go is a new checkout process for retailers to finalize a transaction for in-person shoppers. This offers a new customer experience for retailers looking for a contact-less, quick, and streamline checkout. Scan and go variety comes in different ways such as a self-checkout mobile app, QR code scanner, and even Amazon Go's palm reader.

Here are a few properties of scan and go to consider:


  1. New customer experience

  2. Manage labor shortage

  3. Bigger basket size

  4. Faster speed of checkout

  5. Better data on customer behavior

  6. Saving electricity cost

  7. Stronger customer loyalty


  1. Expense of scan and go

  2. Learning curve of new technology

  3. Might need additional physical hardware

  4. Potential theft and loss prevention risk

  5. Technology integration issue

  6. Shoppers might not use it

  7. Lack of awareness

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