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What's the surprising reason why shoppers want self-checkout?

Shoppers want self-checkout. That seems obvious enough, but what part about self-checkout is the shopper looking for? We found that younger generations prefer it, everyone is looking for convenience (time saving), and, surprisingly, feeling of control.

Here are some numbers to illustrate the point:

  1. Shoppers aged 55-65, 39 %used self-checkout regularly. 18-34 used self-checkout 59% regularly (20% increase for younger shoppers).

  2. 53% of respondents stated they're looking for shorter lines, and 51% for a shorter checkout.

  3. 48% of respondents liked having a choice, and 39% felt more control.

The sense of control was the surprising find for us. Back in 1937, when the shopping cart was invented people....hated it! Initial impression was that female shoppers didn't want to feel old (by the need of help), and male shoppers didn't want to feel weak (by the need of help). Sentiment has changed since, but ideology stayed the same - controlling the experience.

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