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Q1:What is Mobile Self-Checkout App?

A Mobile Self-Checkout App is an app installed on a mobile smart phone that can process the payment transaction and processing. It bundles the traditional self-checkout kiosk into an app that can function the same way. Groc, for instance, can scan barcodes, pull data of the barcode (price, name, etc), and process the payment directly to the store.
Use case: Bob buys a $2 water bottle via Groc, and pays the retail store.

Q2:What's the difference between traditional POS, and Groc?

The differences between traditional point-of-sale (POS) systems and a mobile self-checkout app, like Groc, can include, but not exclude:

Traditional POS
Mobile Self-Checkout App (Groc)
Scans SKU barcodes
Scans SKU barcodes, QR Codes, any 1D, 2D barcodes
Look up product price, name at the kiosk
Look up product name, price anywhere
Has updated price information
Has updated price information
Needs a cashier to operate kiosk per customer
Needs one employee to check multiple customers
Must select payment processor and cannot be changed
Freedom to choose and change payment processor without downtime
Requires customers to wait in line
No waiting line required
Tied to a physical kiosk that depreciates after 5 years
Not tied to a physical kiosk and constantly updating to customer needs

Q3: Does Groc require me to uninstall my pre-existing POS?


Groc works together with preexisting POS systems to allow for a smooth, uninterrupted deployment. There is no downtime so operation works as usual while we integrate behind the scene. If you don't have a POS, we have many partners to recommend for retail, grocery, and hospitality industries

Q4: Will my employee need training?

Yes and no.

Yes, employees should be made aware that Groc is live at the store and there will be a few use cases to be prepared for. However, Groc requires significantly less training compared to traditional POS requirements to operate. Employees do not need training on how to look up a product barcode, know pricing, or how to run a checkout lane. All of those functions are bundled in Groc.

Q5: Does Groc handle coupons?


Groc can handle promotions and coupons inside the app. Once the store decides to run discounts or coupons for customers, the customers can input the coupon through our app in order to use the discount.

Q6: What payment processor do you use?

Groc currently uses Stripe as our payment processor, which offers the industry's best security and transaction processing.

However, Groc is capable of handling other payment processors which fit the needs of the customer. Please feel free to reach us at for more information.

Q7: Does Groc offer marketing for the retail store?


We help retail stores with marketing collateral in-store. Please reach a team member for more information at

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